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Earlier this month Bravo Protection Products installed a 3M clear bra on this 2012 Porsche Cayman R. The client wanted to protect his Porsche from getting rock chips and scratches. After looking at his options for clear bra protection he decided to have us install paint protection film on his Hood, Fenders, Front Bumper, & Mirrors. We specialize in pre cut paint protection film kits. We use a state of the art software program and top of the line plotter to cut each of our patterns.

This is the beginning of the 3M clear bra installation. We apply soap and water the the hood to make sure that we can position the clear bra on the hood where we need it to go.

Rolling the 3M clear bra on the hood of the Porsche to protect it from rock chips. We start with the hood kit. The clear bra the customer chose was a 24″ coverage with a 5″ bikini cut.

Paint Protection Film being installed on the hood. The right side is tacked down, now we are working on the left side.

3M Paint Protection Film half way installed on the hood. This clear bra is made from a 8 mil film and will ensure that the hood doesn’t get chipped.

Installing the 3M clear bra on the fenders. It is very important to install the hood first. It allows you to align the top of the fenders with the top of the hood reducing stretching.

Installation of the 3M clear bra on the Porsche mirrors to help stop rock chips and scratches. Most commonly caused by running into the garage. :)

Clear bra installation on Porsche Cayman R Bumper. This Porsche has a lot of curves and detail. It is very important to take your time while aligning the paint protection film. The Clear Bra Kit will fit without having to cut on the car if you take the extra time. The protection film applied to this car will preserve the painted surfaces for years and can be removed if ever needed and will not harm the paint.

Porsche Cayman R with 3M paint protection film covering the hood, fenders, mirrors, and full front bumper. If you own a Porsche and live in Minnesota a clear bra is extremely  important. There is so much sand and salt on the roads that will destroy your Porsche paint. The winters are long and we understand you want to get your car out as soon as possible. With our 3M clear bra application you have the added protection to get your car out earlier regardless of the sand and debris on the roads.

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