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Ferrari vehicles are low to the ground and need 3M Paint Protection Film known as 3M Clear Bra. 3M Clear Bra installations for Ferrari in MN use a protective film that is clear and 8 mils thick. It is a  poly urethane film with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It will protect your Ferrari’s hood, fenders, mirrors, headlights and bumpers from damaging rock chips and road debris like sand, salt, and minor scrapes and scratchs. Most Ferrari vehicles are designed with large front bumpers and hoods that are certain to get rock chip damage. Protect you investment before its to late. We use Auto CAD designed kits using 3M VentureShield clear bra protective film.

3M Clear Bra Ferrari

Ferrari 3M Clear Bra Installation

Ferrari 3M Clear Bra Minneapolis, MN

This Ferrari had Bravo Protection Products in Wayzata, MN install a 3M Clear Bra protective film to protect it from rock chips and other debris causing damage to the hood, fenders, bumpers, headlights and mirrors. All of our Ferrari Clear Bra kits are cut using a Graphtec plotter combined with our state of the art software. Each of these Ferrari clear bra kits are an exact match to your make and model of vehicle. That way we do not have to cut on theFerrari’s painted surface. Bravo Protection Products is the twin cities leader in paint protection film applications. We have covered thousands of vehicles, including cars, trucks, vans, SUV’s, Motor Homes and motorcyles. Choose whether you would like a wrapped edge on the front of your Ferrari’s hood or a bikini cut on the top. Our clear bra kits can be custom tailored to your Ferrari. Our 3M Clear Bra is a 8 mil Paint Protection film protects the leading edge of your Ferrari as well as the rest of your vehicle.

2005 Ferrari F430 Clear Bra Gallery

3m Clear Bra On Ferrari Mirror

2005 Ferrari F430 Clear Bra Gallery

Ferrari 3M Clear Bra Installation

If you own a Ferrari F355, Ferrari 599, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 360, Ferrari 512, Ferrari 612, Ferrarigive us a call today to have a clear bra installed. If you don’t see your Ferrari listed here dont worry. We have thousands of 3M Clear Bra Kits in our database.

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