3M Clear Bra MN

3M Clear Bra Minneapolis, St Paul, MN 

3M Clear Bra protective film from Bravo Protection Products provides certified installations in Minneapolis, St. Paul, MN.  Paint protection will protect your hood, fenders, mirrors and bumpers from damaging rock chips and slight scratches. If you want your car that looks the same as the day you bought it, call Bravo Protection for a 3M Clear Bra today and have an 8 mil 3M VentureShield protective film installed on your car. Call Bravo Protection Products @  (952) 476-7025. If you are looking for a 3M clear bra kit to install yourself we carry thousands of 3M Clear Bra Patterns.

3M Clear Bra MN

3M Clear Bra Full Hood Application

This 2012 Dodge Challenger has a Bravo Protection Products 3M Clear Bra installed on the full hood, full fenders, full front bumper, and rocker panels to protect it from rock chips and other debris. Our 3M clear bra customers have come to us to cover the full hood. If you don’t like to see the line on your vehicle trust Bravo to install a quality 3M Clear Bra on the entire hood.

3M Clear Shield MN

3M Clea

 3M Clear Bra Installation Minneapolis, MN

3M Clear Bra Installation on the full hood of this challenger was the best coverage possible for this customer. Each of our professional kits are cut using a Graphtec plotter and state of the art software. Computer cut kits ensure that Bravo can give you the best clear bra installation possible. By using very precise clear bra kits Bravo does not have to cut on the vehicle painted surface. Not all 3M Clear Bra installers in Minnesota use computer cut kits and lay the film on the car then cut it out with a razor. They will tell you that they are so good at installing the clear bra that they won’t cut your vehicles paint. However I can assure you that no matter how good you are if you cut the entire clear bra on the vehicle you will have scored the paint somewhere.

3M Clear Bra Installation Ventureshield

Ventureshield Installation Minneapolis, MN

Bravo Protection has been a certified 3M Clear Bra installer since 2005 and specializes in both 3M Clear Bra applications as well as residential and automotive window tint applications.

3M Certified Installer MN

3M Certified Installer MN

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