Clear Bra FAQ’s

Clear Bra FAQ’s

The Most Common questions about Clear Bra’s and there installations.

  • Question: Why is a Clear Bra better than other car bras or no protection?
  • Answer: The Clear Bra also known as Paint protection protects your vehicle from Rocks, insects, and debris that will significantly show wear on your cars painted surfaces within a short period of time. This is particularly true in Minnesota where they use large amounts of sand and salt on the roads. Vinyl bras catch dirt and debris between it and the hood causing scratches and discoloration. A properly installed clear bra can solve both of these problems.

  • Question: What is a 3M Ventureshield Clear Auto Bra?
  • Answer: A Clear Bra is a 8Mil urethane film with a pressure sensative adhesive. Basically its a Optically clear sticker but extremly strong. Once it is properly applied to the car’s painted surface, like the leading edge of the hood, or front bumper, it is a strong protection against rocks thrown up by vehicles on the highway in winter and bug splats in summer keeping the paint underneath in perfect condition.
  • Question: Can the Clear Bra be removed if needed?
  • Answer: Yes the Clear Bra can be removed. The clear bra is designed to be removed without hurting the vehicles painted surface. From time to time the clear bra will leave adhesive on the paint. The adhesive can be cleaned off using 3M adhesive remover leaving the paint as good as the day it was installed.

  • Question: How should I take care of my new clear bra?
  • Answer: Allow several days to let the clear bra cure. After that, treat it just like it wasn’t there. When using a pressure washer, you should make sure to keep the nozzle at least 36″ away from the clearbra. The pressure can lift the edges or cut the film. When waxing the car, wax right over the clear bra. We recommend Plexus You may notice a buildup of wax along the upper edge of the material, and a Q-Tip works well to clean that edge.

  • Question: How long does it take to install?
  • Answer: The typical clear bra installation takes 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours.

  • Question: How long does it take to install?
  • Answer: The typical clear bra installation takes 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours. It all depends on how much coverage you are going for. A simple hood and fender tip install should take an hour or less; but a full bumper, hood, fender, rear view mirror, rocker panel area install can take several hours to complete.

  • Question: What areas of my car can be protected by the clear bra?
  • Answer: Hood: Rock chips are the most noticeabl on the front of the hood, making it the most popular part of the car to protect. The most common coverage on hoods are 12”, 18”, 24”, 30″, and full hood kits. Front Bumper: The front of the bumper with its forward facing painted surfaces are most likely to be damaged by flying rocks. Side mirrors: The mirrors catch a lot of damaging stones and from time to time a garage door. Headlights/Foglights: Headlights are VERY expensive to replace. Roof & A Pillar: The leading edge of the roof and A Pillar also gets hit often by high-flying debris. Back bumper: The most common scratched up area of a car is its rear bumper. Putting luggage, golf clubs, groceries into the trunk are easy ways to damage your back bumper. Door Cups: Long fingernails, rings, or keys can scratch up the paint around door handles. Rocker Panels: The bottom section of the vehicle is a common area for rock and stone damage. We typically cover from wheel well to wheel well.

  • Question: Can I install a 3M VentureShield clear bra film myself?
  • Answer: The Clear Bra material is very expensive and you risk damaging the film trying to apply it yourself. Professional clear bra installers have the experience and skill required to apply the film around compound curves like headlights, bumpers and all other areas on the car.

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