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Clear Shield MN – Minnesota roads and highways are covered with sand, salt and other road debris. Protect your car with a 3M Paint Protection Film Clear Shield. During the winter months and into the summer there are a number of things that can scratch, chip and destroy your cars paint. With all of these elements on the road it causes your car to look weathered and old. Some of the chips in the paint can lead to pre-mature rusting on your new vehicle. Bravo Protection Products is a Clear Shield Paint Protection Film Installer in Minneapolis, MN.

Clear Shield MN (3M Paint Protection Installer Minneapolis)

Toyota Clear Shield MN

Toyota Hood, Fenders Mirrors Clear Shield

Toyota Bumper Clear Shield

Toyota Bumper Clear Shield

The Clear Shield also known as the Clear Bra, stone guard, or nose guard. The Clear Shield can protect your painted surface for years.  The most common areas protected on a vehicle are the hood, fenders, mirrors, front bumper, and headlights. Bravo Protection uses the best paint protection film and the best clear shield software on the market. Paint protection film is one of the top selling products in the automotive industry because it protects your brand new vehicle from the harsh elements on the road.

What Exactly is 3M Clear Shield?

Clear Bra MN Clear Bra 3M Paint Protection Film is a rugged eight mil thick (.008″) clear Urethane plastic that employs a clear-coat finish top layer for a shine that matches that of the new vehicles paint but last for years.

This durable, acrylic adhesive backed material was developed for protecting military aircraft propeller blades and helicopter rotors in the harsh sands of Desert Storm, and has been tested and used for more than ten years in applications ranging from commercial jet engine housings to all of the NASCAR vehicles you see racing every Sunday.

It is so strong that it is fully guaranteed not to yellow, crack or peel for 5 years after installation, and in addition to its protection, the product also significantly aid in sustaining the resale value of the vehicle over time.

Whatever you do don’t let Mother Nature and the harsh road elements destroy your car. Call Bravo Protection Products for a clear bra. We are the Twin Cities Clear Shield Paint Protection Film Installer in MN.

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