3M Ventureshield Clear Bra Installations In Minneapolis, MN

3M Ventureshield Clear Bra Installations MN

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Clear Bra Installers is owned and operated by Bravo Protection Products out of Minneapolis, MN. We are a 3M Ventureshield Clear Bra and window tint company that has over 21 years of combined experience. The 3M Ventureshield Clear Bra is an 8mil optically clear Paint Protection Film that is applied to your car, truck, suv, motorcycle, or motor home. The Clear Bra is installed to protect your vehicles paint from rock chips, scratches, inscets and other road debris. We use three different state of the art CAD programs with top of the line graphtec plotters to cut all of our clear bra patterns. With this Paint Protection Film technology we won’t have to cut the film on your vehicles paint.

3M Ventureshield Clear Bra Installation

3M Ventureshield Clear Bra Installation

Bravo Protection Products only uses 3M Ventureshield Clear Bra Film. These films are the industry leaders and have a proven track record. It should be the only Paint Protection Film you apply to your Vehicle. Locating a quality Clear Bra installer is as important as the film and Clear Bra pattern. You can have the best film in the world however if it is installed incorrectly it will not look good. You can also have the best installer in the world, but with inferior film you will still have less than desirable results.

Here at Clear Bra installers we know what works the best because it’s all that we do. We have installed the Clear Bra on thousands of vehicles both locally as well as around the country. We have personally been on the consumer’s side and we know all about the installation side. Bravo Protection Products has the same goal as the consumer as well as the Clear Bra installer, the consumer would like the clear bra to be installed with perfection and detail. They would like the Clear Bra to look as good as the paint’s finish and as fresh as the day they purchased it. For the clear bra installer the main goal is to apply paint protection film to the painted surface of the vehicle without struggling, hand cutting, and over stretching the film. The Clear Bra installer would also like for the end result to be a perfect fit, clear finish, and a happy customer. That is what Clear Bra Installers is all about so whether you are looking for a Clear Bra installer in your local area, or a Clear Bra kit for you vehicle we can help.

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