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Lotus Clear Bra MN

Lotus Clear Bra MN

Lotus MN Clear Bra installers in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota. Drivers in Minnesota should already be aware that it’s just a matter of time before that first rock flys up and chips your paint. One of the most commonly quoted phrases in Minnesota is there are two seasons “winter” & “road construction” With that being said there are a number of elements that could destroy your Lotus. Rocks, sand, bugs, and other debris are just a few. If you would like to preserve your Lotus paint and enjoy driving the car instead of just babying it we have the answer for you.

3M Paint Protection Film aka “Clear Bra”

Lotus Clear Bra MN

Lotus MN 3M Paint Protection

 3M Clear Bra for Lotus cars in MN

Purchasing a 3M Clear Bra would prevent rocks chips and other elements from destroying your Lotus. Bravo Protection Products has been installing 3M paint protection also know as the “Clear Bra” for over 7 years. There are other clear bra installers out there but very few of them actually have a full installation facility designed especially for 3M installations. Bravo is a preferred clear bra installer for 3M, local dealerships and is a leading retailer of both 3M paint protection film as well as 3M window tints. Bravo services Lotus clients throughout Minnesota and the midwest. If you are looking for a professional clear bra installation on your Lotus give us a call today for a free estimate (952) 476-7025

MN Clear Bra Lotus

3M Clear Bra Installation Lotus MN

Professional Lotus Clear Bra Installation in Minneapolis, MN

In order to make the Clear Bra Installation look like like it was put on at the factory there are 3 main elements that are needed.

  1. Clear Bra Kit: The proper kit for the clear bra is a must. You can have the best film, best installer and the best conditions in the world but if the kit doesn’t fit your clear bra install won’t work.
  2. Environment: The area for installation must be free of dust, and dirt.
  3. Experience: An experienced Clear Bra installer can make any film with the correct pattern not only work but it will look OEM.

Lotus Clear Bra Bumper Application

Clear Bra applications to protect Lotus can cover the hood, fenders, mirrors, bumper, rockers and much more. The bumper on a Lotus sits low and will eventually get damaged from rock chips and other debris. We protected this Lotus with a full clear bra application.

Clear Bra Lotus MN

Lotus Clear Bra Bumper Install

Lotus MN the Twin Cities Clear Bra Installers are the leader in retail paint protection film applications. With over 10,000 clear bra installations we have installed the 3M clear bra on hundreds of Lotus cars. If you would like to preserve the paint of your Lotus and want the best give Bravo a call today.

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