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Porsche 3M Clear Bra Installer Minneapolis, MNĀ 

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Bravo Protection Products is the twin cities premier Porsche Clear Bra installation facility. Specializing in Porsche vehicles we not only install on these cars we own Porsches as well. We use top of the line paint protection films from the industries leading manufactures like 3M, Ventureshield, and Xpel. Our State of the art software and plotters will help us produce a clear bra kit that is unparalleled in the industry. Our optically clear 8 mil paint protection film offers our client the best protection that you will never see. We have been specializing in full hood fenders packages so that our client get the best protection for the money and don’t see the line on the hood.

This 3M clear bra installation is the best coverage that is available for Porsche customers. We covered the entire hood, fenders, and front bumper of this 2001 911 turbo.

Porsche vehicles are very low to the ground and have a very flat hood. These attributes lead to excessive rock chips and can be stopped by installing a Bravo Protection Full Clear Bra on the hood.

Spraying fluid under the clear bra to make sure it adheres to the paint with out any bubbles or creases.

2001 porsche 911 turbo with a full hood and wrapped edges. This car called for a 60″ roll of 3M paint protection film the largest film produced in the industry. Most Clear Bra companies don’t stock this film. Here at Bravo we install at least 3 full hoods a week and see the market changing in this direction. Why protect half of your vehicles hood when you can protect the entire thing without having the line on the hood.

This was the full fender installation on the 911 Porsche. This Clear Bra wrapped into the wheel well to protect the fenders from rock chips. By installing a full hood and full fenders you don’t get the line across your porsche. It allows for the Porsche paint to shine with a rich deep glossy look.

Full Fender clear bra application just a quick look at the amount of paint protection film coverage.

If you own a Porsche live in Minnesota and would like to protect its paint from being destroyed call Bravo Protection today (952) 476-7025. We have installed the 3M clear bra on hundreds of Porsche’s and know each and every curve they have to offer. If you would like to visit our shop please feel free to schedule a showing we would be more than happy to show you our Porsche with the entire car wrapped in 3M Venturshield Paint Protection Film.

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