ROUTE 55 CORVETTE CRUISERS CLUB Sponsored By Bravo Protection Products

Bravo Protection ProductsROUTE 55 Corvette Cruisers Club

Local Clear Bra Installers Bravo Protection Products have become a proud sponsor to Route 55 Corvette Cruiser Club.

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Corvette Clear Bra MN

For the past 10 years Bravo Protection Products has sponsored numerous clubs, Dealership events, and Race Teams. This year Bravo has decided to sponsor the Route 55 Corvette Cruisers. With the help of Gary Boehler Bravo has installed Clear Bras on numerous vehicles as well as attended numerous car shows. Mr Boehler has been a well known and active Car enthusiast for years and Bravo is proud to sponsor his club.


Clear Bra Installation in Minneapolis, MN

Bravo Protection has installed Clear Bra’s on thousands of vehicles. The coverages consists of 24″ Hood Fenders Mirrors, Full Front Bumpers, Headlights, Rocker Panels, Full Hood Packages, Full Fenders, Full Doors, and Full Rear Bumpers.

Hood Fenders Corvette Clear Bra

24" Hood Fenders Mirrors

Corvette MN Clear Bra Kit

Full Hood Fenders Mirrors





Corvette Bumper Clear Bra Kit

Bumper Clear Bra


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