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3M Ventureshield Installers in Minneapolis, MN

3M Ventureshield Clear Bra MN3M Ventureshield Installers are in high demand for 2013. As more dealerships and consumers become aware of the benefits that this film provides. The Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra market will likely see a 20 % market growth and will see these double digit increases for 2013. In the automotive market the Clear Bra is the sixth most added-on aftermarket sale. For the dealerships it is the top seller for both revenue and profit. Bravo Protection Products is the top 3M Ventureshield Installer group in Minneapolis, MN and has seen the growth first hand. One of the other spots that Bravo is noticing growth is on the (OEM) side of Paint Protection Film. The Automotive manufactures are noticing a great value in the film and have started to put more film on in there assembly lines. As the manufactures install more 3M Ventureshield the consumers will become more educated on the product.

3M Ventureshield Certified Installers

The automotive dealers are starting to see the demand for 3M Ventureshield more because of the change in technology. In the past dealers have been forced to settle for films with high levels of orange peel, weak clear coats and stiff film. As the technology has changed they have improved on these films and the demand has increased. There is no longer a need for high temp heat guns, steamers and other contraptions. The new Clear Bra material doesn’t scratch as easily and are easier to install making the installation of the product nearly invisible. One major improvement in the 3M Ventureshield doesn’t yellow, haze, or crack over time nearly as bad as the other films.

3M Ventureshield Clear Bra in High Demand in Minneapolis, MN

3M Ventureshield Clear Bra sales are up in Minneapolis, MN. With more vehicle sales, there is a increase in the sale of 3M Ventureshield. The articles in most magazines and the statistics show that consumers are keeping there vehicles for longer and want there investment to be protected.

The trend for 3M Ventureshield is moving into the mainstream vehicles like Toyota Camrys and Mazda 3’s. The product awareness for the film has been helping consumers as well as dealerships. For the consumer the price has come down to a more manageable price. And for the automotive dealerships it has become one of the top selling products. Consumers are spending an average of $30,000 on a  new vehicle and at this price really see the need to protect there investment. The Clear Bra packages have become a lot more diverse as well. The consumer can opt for a hood fenders mirrors package, the full front bumper or a wear and tear package. The wear and tear packages have been a great added value for consumers who need the door edges, rear trunk, door cups, and other small areas covered.




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