Clear Bra Company In Minneapolis, MN

Clear Bra Company In Minneapolis, MN

Located in Minnetonka, MN Bravo Protection Products is a premier 3M Clear Bra company In Minneapolis, MN. Bravo started installing 3M Paint Protection Film over 10 years ago with the thought that customers want a fair price with the best installation. Our prices are some of the lowest in Minneapolis but the installs are some of the best that the Twin Cities has seen. We install for numerous dealerships and auto groups as well as thousands of private clients. If you would like to protect your vehicle from rock chips and other damage caused by road debris give Bravo a call today for a free Clear Bra estimate.

Clear Bra Company In Minneapolis, MN

Full 3M Clear Bra Installation in Minneapolis, MN on a 2013 Cadillac CTS-V. Bravo installed a hood, fenders, mirrors, and full front bumper on this 2013 Cadillac CTS-V. The Clear Bra will help protect the painted surfaces of the vehicle.

Clear Bra on the hood of Cadillac CTS-V

If you look at the hood on this car you will see that the front 20″ of it are protected with a 3M Ventureshield Clear Bra. The paint job on this cadillac was amazing and is now going to be preserved for years.

3M Clear Bra on the fender

If you would like to protect you vehicle give Bravo a call today at (952) 476-7025. We offer clear bra kits for thousands of vehicles and would be happy to give you a price quote. Most Clear Bra packages start out at $199.

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