Clear Bra Installation Shop

3M Clear Bra Installation Shop

Bravo Protection Products specializing in 3M Ventureshield Clear Bra Installations in Minneapolis, St Paul MN. Bravo is one of the top installation shops in the Midwest. We pride our selves in the best coverage with the cleanest install around. Bravo is a preferred vendor for numerous dealerships in Minneapolis as well as many private clients.

3M Paint Protection Film

There are a few key elements needed to assure a great installation. The first thing you need is a great product. 3M Ventureshield is the preferred Clear Bra for Bravo Protection Products. It is 3M’s top selling film and for good reason. It is more optically clear than other films. It has much better stretch ability. And the film has a stronger tensile strength than the competitors.  The other key element needed for a great installation is the software. Bravo has access to the best software designed. This software allows for us to provide our clients with optimal coverage. Our Paint Protection Film shop has been customized to provide the cleanest and best installs in the Midwest. It is extremely important to have a clean and well light area when installing the film. We use T8 lights with a epoxy floor to get us as much lighting as possible. Our HVAC system is optimized to keep any light dust down.

(Clear Bra Shop  Minneapolis MN)

The Clear Bra Plotters

Our Clear Bra Kits are cut using Graphtec Plotters and state of the art software. Using the correct paint protection film is equally important to a good installation. That is why we subscribe to the best software on the market. We are currently using the top 3 Clear Bra desingers in the world.

Clear Bra weeding table

3M Paint Protection Film Weeding Table

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