Clear Bra Kits Minneapolis, MN (3M Paint Protection Film)

3M Clear Bra Kits (Paint Protection Film)

Protect your vehicles painted surface. Clear Bra Kits offers DIY film kits to protect your vehicle from rock chips. If you recently purchased a new vehicle chances are that you were offered a protection package through the finance department. The 3M clear bra is the number one offered product in finance departments throughout the world. The average cost of a clear bra installed at the dealership is $899 and up. That covers part of the hood fenders mirrors and front bumper. Clear Bra Kits offers the same protection packages for a fraction of the cost.

 Clear Bra Kits At Wholesale Prices

Clear Bra Kits products uses genuine 3M paint protection film. All products are cut using the very best plotters and software on the market. This technology ensures that the Clear Bra is the easiest product on the market to install.

Clear Bra Kits Software

Pre-cut Clear bra Kits are becoming prevalent. The days of buying bulk film and cutting it on the vehicle paint are coming to an end. More and more window tint shops and paint protection film shops are switching to pre cut kits. Bravo Protection Products has sold thousands of clear bra kits to dealerships as well as private installers and numerous window tint shops. The software that Bravo provides is state of the art and speeds up the entire installation process. If you are in the need for a clear bra contact Bravo today for a custom kit.

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