Clear Bra Minnetonka, MN

Clear Bra Minnetonka, MN

Cadillac SRX Clear Bra Installation @ Bravo Protection Products Minnetonka, MN

Clear Bra MN Cadillac Hood

2013 Cadillac SRX 3M Clear Bra installation on the hood, fenders, mirrors, and full front bumper. Today we installed a clear bra on this 2013 Caddy the dealership brought the vehicle in for a client. They wanted to protect the leading edge of the hood with a 18″ computer cut kit.

3M Clear Bra on the hood

We use Baby Shampoo to slide the Clear Bra kit around and align the edges. That is what we are spraying here in this photo. Just about any shampoo or soap will work but based on the success of the Baby Shampoo it is what we use.

Clear Bra Squeegee from sides to center of Cadillac SRX hood

The Cadillac SRX Clear Bra is installed from the edges to the center. It is a easier alignment and much better installation. We use overlapping strokes and wet the surface with the shampoo solution.

Clear Bra Cadillac SRX Minneapolis MN alignment

Checking the alignment on the Cadillac SRX Clear Bra is very important. When installing the clear bra you want to make sure that the edges are as close as they can be on the hood. Any overlapping film will collect dirt and could peel.

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