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Minneapolis, MN 3M Certified Clear Bra Installers Bravo Protection Products is the premier Clear Bra installation shop in the Twin Cities. We specialize in 3M products to protect your vehicle. Whether it is our Paint Protection Film or 3M window tint we can help keep you vehicle looking great. Our packages cover everything from the leading edges of the vehicles paint, to the entire vehicle. With over 25 years of experience and 4 Clear Bra installers we can handle just about any installation.

3M Clear Bra protection will protect your vehicle from rock chips, sand, scratches, insect damage and minor bumps and dents. Other companies offer the same film but not the same installation. The installation is the single most important factor in getting a great clear bra install. Anyone can buy film or a clear bra kit but its how its installed that makes the difference.

Don’t Choose A Mobile Installation

Don’t settle for mobile service in Minneapolis, MN. Mobile installers are a thing of the PAST! If you are looking for a quality installation at your location get ready to be disappointed. It is rare to find a mobile installer that has a plotter and film in there vehicle with all of the correct tools. Most installers travel around with the film in there car and hand cut on the vehicles. On the rare occasion the installer brings a pre cut kit. It is usually the only kit for that vehicle. Meaning that if something happens to that kit, it is either going to be installed incorrectly or modified to fit. The space that the Clear Bra is installed in is important as well. If the area is dirty or has poor lighting the installation will most likely turn out poorly.

Minneapolis, MN 3M Certified Clear Bra Installers
Bad place to install a 3M Clear Bra!

A Clean Clear Bra Shop Provides A Better Installation

Installing a Clear Bra the proper way means that the installation facility must be clean and well lit. Temperature is a bonus as well. If you have a shop that is well lit and the climate is controlled to between 70° and 80° the installation should be exceptional.

One main factor in receiving a great 3M Clear Bra installation is to have the correct tools.  At our shop we have all of the tools needed to install the shield the proper way. Each kit is produced on a graphtec plotter which means that it is a digitally designed kit that will fit each contour of your vehicle. While installing the Clear Bra if we see that the kit has become contaminated, scratched or has a blemish we can go over to our plotter and re cut the piece. This means that the level of quality can be held to a higher standard with out sacrificing time.

The biggest factor in choosing a professional clear bra installation facility in MN is the ability to clean the vehicle the proper way prior to installation. Each clear bra that is installed at Bravo Protection Products is cleaned using 3M adhesive remover, car wash the installation areas and alcohol solution the areas as well.

If you want a professional and high quality 3M Clear Bra Installation in Minneapolis, MN call Bravo Protection Products @ (952) 476-7025

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